Convenience and flexibility of a top rated guesthouse. Now at long-term rates.

travel light

  • furnished rooms including full bedding and towels
  • 17 everyday living essentials
  • luggage storage

chill more

  • housekeeping in common areas
  • maid in private rooms
  • bedding and towels changes
  • pickup and transfer

stay free

  • rent for as short as 4 weeks
  • extend as late as one day before the check-out
  • 24/7 self check-in and self check-out

be safe

  • health protection measures 
  • home safety measures
  • lock in every room

tailor your rate

  • all inclusive rates
  • long term and early extension discounts
  • flexible or no deposit plans
  • local and international payments


I'm Kacper, but call me Casper if that's easier on your tongue. Let's talk about your plans and get you that room!