The Large One

with a Balcony

Spacious, tailor made living space with designated work, study, entertainment and chill areas. Large, private balcony is just a cherry on the top.

Wake up refreshed

Custom made bed, good mattress improved with a pampering topper, protector and a frame made out of 48 elastic beech wood slates.

Rollers allow effortless arrangement and locking in place. Vast storage space under, will keep seldomly used belongings secured behind a magnetic sail.

Study, work, tinker, create

Two desks, double the chance to defeat procrastination.

Reliably fast WiFi and purposefully located electric outlets will be your reinforcements.

Find place for everything

Keeping your place tidy is easy when there is enough space for all your belongings. Wardrobe with shelves, bookcases and chest integrated with a bed will accommodate everything that is important to you.


“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.”


of common areas
with individual spaces



just for you



of a private balcony


I'm Kacper, but call me Casper if that's easier on your tongue. Let's talk about your plans and get you that room!