The Medium One

with a Wardrobe
Built around the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in, offers a storage space for everything important to you.


Pocket spring mattress supported by elastic birch slates. Does not make getting out in the morning any easier, but doubles the pleasure of coming back.

Convenient layout

Nightstand with a lamp and double electrical outlet to charge your gadgets overnight. Small conveniences, which you never notice, until you live in a place without it.

Spacious storage

Keeping your place tidy is easy when there is enough space for all your belongings. Huge wardrobe will accommodate everything important to you.


What’s more relaxing than a cup of tea sipped in the comfy armchair after a challenging day?


of common areas
with individual spaces



only for you

keep freedom

chill more

travel light

fixed-term lease rates are listed below

Rental conditions

Available immediately on a fixed-term lease until the end of February, June or September 2022.

0 zł


1470 zł

1310 zł

summer holiday rate

1420 zł

from October onwards

2940 zł

1900 zł

refundable deposit
per room

Monthly rent rates include housing association fee, weekly cleaning of the shared spaces, WiFi access, property insurance, rental tax as well as advance for water, electricity and heating.



like a vacuum cleaner, mop, iron, ironing board, hair dryer, drying rack, cookware, tableware, glassware, cutlery and detergents welcome pack.

+ 50 zł  / month


cleaning room weekly.

+ 90 zł / month


changed every 2 weeks.

+ 50 zł / month


I’m Kacper, but call me Casper if that’s easier on your tongue. Let’s talk about your plans and get you that room!